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Richardson is the global leader in providing high-impact sales training and sales performance improvement solutions.

While most training companies provide the WHAT of effective selling—the process, methodology, and approach—Richardson does so much more. We provide the WHAT and we also address the HOW—the critical skills necessary to find, manage, and close opportunities.

What Makes Us Unique?.

  • Sales Performance System that helps you reach your sales team's objectives through:
    • Ensuring your talent is in the right roles
    • Aligning your sales process and methodology to fit your unique selling environment
    • Integrating critical skills development with your sales process.
    • Sustaining best practices back on the job through coaching, technology and tools
  • Leaders in Customization—so your solution is relevant and aligns directly to your strategies, customer demands, and market situations..
  • Deep Industry Experience—a depth of experience with selling organizations across all industries including Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Health Care, Professional Services, and Insurance
  • Thought Leadership—capturing market changes and developing new sales performance improvement solutions as they emerge
  • Large Global Teams—in-country experience to act locally and the quality team members to support your global initiatives.

How do you begin to improve your sales performance? It all starts with a dialogue. Call us at 215-940-9255. A member of the Richardson team would like to learn more about how we can help your team achieve your business results.

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